Open water swimming is something of a passion. I have been swimming in lakes, rivers and seas for many years and am particularly interested in the way that figures take on the colours and qualities of the water that they are immersed in.

four swimmers

the plunge

Mixed media on canvas. 91 x 60 cm. Unframed.

Mixed media on paper.  59 x 84 cm.Unframed

the dive

three swimmers

Mixed media on paper. 66 x 98 cm. Framed

Pastel. 60 x 84 cm. Unframed

Three Swimmers

and a buoy




Mixed media on paper. 60 x 76 cm. Unframed

drifting down

evening swim

in the thames

Mixed media on paper. 101 x 85 cm. Framed

Acrylic on canvas.132 x 91cm. Unframed

Treading water